2012 Goals – September Retrospective

Just after finally posting my retrospective of last month, I’ve gone and written the one for last month.  It’s been busy (obviously) and I’m here to talk about it some.

#1 Getting in Shape / Prepare for Tough Mudder

Well, I’ll know how well I’m gonna do this coming Sunday (Oct. 7th).  No matter how I do, this is something that I’m going to have to keep up.  I’ve been working on eating more often at home and bringing my lunch from home as well.  I still haven’t found a good workout routine that has worked with my recently hectic life.  I’m hoping to figure out how to calm it all down soon enough and get into a routine that works.

#2 Propose PhD Topic

It’s still happening, I’m now smoothing out the rough edges on the proposal and getting the presentation in order.

#3 Learn a new programming language

I’m still playing with Clojure but I’m also taking a deeper look at Event Sourcing and Command Query Responsibility Segregation and thinking about making an EventSourcing framework combining the two.  Right now I’m going to write it in Java since I don’t feel my Clojure skills are awesome enough to release something like that to the world.

#4 Learning Guitar

I’m making progress, although I’d love to spend more time practicing, I’m getting about 30 minutes to an hour of practice in every other day.

#5 Housework

It never ends and I’m looking forward to removing old papers and the like from my house.  I’m hoping to just scan anything of quasi importance into my computer so it’ll live on as wasted bytes on a disk in the cloud instead of in my closet.


Life is busy and hectic but I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  I also just bottled my second beer, the Belgian Banana Beer and in a month I’ll know how it turns out.  It’s also made me start planning my next beer – an interesting take on holiday beers which I’ll talk about later :).

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