2012 Goals – November Retrospective

And one more month to go this year…

#1 Getting in Shape

I’m using a personal trainer and it’s definitely a killer.  I’m feeling the burn every time I go there, so I think if I keep it up I’ll definitely be in great shape for another Tough Mudder.  I haven’t however been doing the jogging that I need to do.  So, I’ve gotta get back on the horse with that.

#2 Propose PhD Topic

Rounding up the professors is like herding cats.

#3 Learn a New Programming Language

Haven’t really had a chance to touch on this at all this month.  It’s a little depressing but I’m sure I’ll get back to it soon.

#4 Learn Guitar

The songs I’m playing are actually sounding like songs now (albeit a little slower) so I think I’m making good progress.  Still need to work on changing chords since I can only do them at Neil Young speed and not Rush or Led Zeppelin speed.

#5 Housework

Not much going on in the housework front other than trying to keep the crepe myrtles alive.


I think 4 outta 5 ain’t bad. 🙂

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