Book Review: How to Light Up A Room

After reading the not-so-hot Who Moved My Cheese?, I picked a book on how to be more charismatic.  I feel I’m a very good socializer and communicator, but at the same time, I also know I can become introverted. So, any book that can provide a tip or a hint is a good thing in my opinion.  There are a few things that this book really has going for it.  First, it’s cheap, at $2.99, it’s hard to really go wrong.  Secondly, it’s short.  I read the entire book in under a few hours.  However, don’t let the fact it’s short put you off.  A short book can be bad or it can be great when it’s to the point.  And that is the third thing I like about the book, it’s to the point.  No building up, just all the information you need to know and none that you don’t.

Now with the introduction, let’s get to the meat of the review — which I’ll keep short and sweet — much like the book itself.  It contains a very small introduction about the 55 tips discussed inside of the book and then jumps right into the tips which are split into six different categories but fall into two major ideas: being upbeat and interacting with people.  Each tip is a simple sentence with a paragraph or two of explanation of how to use the tip in day-to-day interactions.

Chances are you’ll blow through this book in one sitting and to me that is fine.  It saves me from having to read all the other books about building charisma since this book has already summarized the majority of these books.  For the $2.99 that it costs from (or free rental if you have a Kindle device), it’s well worth it.

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