Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 – Day 3

One thing I forgot to mention was the wicked amount of dust flying around in the festival grounds, by the time the day was done, as one of my friends put it: ‘I feel like Pig Pen.’  Anywho, back to task at hand: talking about the closing day of  Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011.

And well, there isn’t much for me to say about this… after yesterday, my back told me no more standing.  I’ve spent all of today laying on the floor trying to loosen my back out and working on my PhD.  I did get to watch the live stream of Hum over at so I can say I vicariously attended the 3rd day.  Sadly, the black stage live feed died and I couldn’t watch the other few bands I would have liked to have seen.  I also missed Slayer.  Super sad for me, I would have loved to have seen them live — however, I’m sure I can catch them again another year, so I can’t be so sad.

Once again, I’ll have to say even though I got to attend 2/3rds of Fun Fun Fun Fest it was a blast and I look forward to seeing what bands they can find and which ones they can convince to do a reunion show… and I’m pissed that I never saw Super Sexy Sax man.  If he was wandering around the festival grounds he definitely wasn’t near the orange or black stages.  So, bring him back again and have him wander around the black stage.

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 – Day 2

So, Danzig’s set at Fun Fun Fun Fest managed to make it onto Rolling Stone; makes me feel even better I checked out Passion Pit.  Of course, Slayer better not let me down tomorrow, or I’ll be really ticked.

Anyway, onto today’s festivities.  I got in around 3pm and went right to the black stage to check out The World Inferno / Friendship Society (like any self respecting punkish band, gotta have a crazy name).  I really enjoyed these guys and gals, the music was upbeat and catchy (a lot like Murder City Devils).  I was disappointed they only got about 45 minutes to play.

Next, I jumped over to the blue stage to listen to Wugazi.  Now, I’m still not so sure what to think of them — mixing Fugazi with Wu-Tang is a great idea.  I just don’t see much interaction with the band to the audience.  It’s like you’re queuing up a playlist and then just letting them listen to your stuff.  I respect that it is cool and it is catchy, but I really couldn’t get into it as much as I would have liked.

After Wugazi, I made it over to the orange stage and watched Ra Ra Riot.  They’re music was interesting but I couldn’t make out any of their lyrics since they were pushed far down in the mix.  I can’t really say what songs they played since this was my first exposure to them, but they were definitely worth listening to, even if they weren’t my favorite.  After them, M83 came up and they had a very 80s vibe to them for some reason.  Not saying it was bad, it was just different after having all this other type of music come up to get this, it was a shock.  I didn’t listen to them too hard because their music kinda faded into the background, which is I suppose, how I’d listen to them — in the background as I’m doing something more important.

At this point, none of the bands playing really interested me enough to watch them and I was getting pretty hungry as well.  And this brings me up to a very sore point about Fun Fun Fun Fest: getting food there is a pain in the ass!  I thought about seeing Kool Keith but in the end, I just sat around the half-pipe half listening to the black stage waiting for Hot Snakes to come on.

Another funny point, Fun Fun Fun Fest moved up the times on the black stage.  Even though Cave-In was supposed to start playing close to 7pm, they started playing 20 or so minutes earlier so I missed watching them as I was standing in line for Kebobalicious.  I would have liked to have been closer to them, but food was much more important to me at the time.  By the time I finally got my food, Hot Snakes was about to start.

And now, one of the reasons I bought tickets in the first place: Hot Snakes.  Hot Snakes played a large amount of songs from all their albums and ended their set with about some songs from Audit in Progress: Braintrust, Hi-Lites, Think about Carbs, and Plenty for All.  Amusingly, a little girl (like 3 or 4 years old) got loose on their stage and began running around the stage to the music and during the last song helped the drummer out.  The fact the kid running around didn’t phase them was great cause I think it would sure have heck annoyed me.

Finally, I ended the night with Spoon on the orange stage.  Thanks to the black stage running 20 minutes quicker than normal, I got to catch all of Hot Snakes and Spoon’s sets.  Spoon, of course, is one of Austin’s own striking it big and a hometown hero.  And after listening to them I can tell exactly why they are considered a home town hero — live they are great and you can tell their music is awesome and not all studio magic.  They can play and sing and do it all well.

Day two was a great day and now, I’m looking forward to Slayer tomorrow night.  It should be totally metal.

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 – Day 1

Another year and another Fun Fun Fun Fest to attend. The big change for this year was the change of location from Waterloo Park to Auditorium Shores. Other than that they’ve kept the off-kilterness that I liked from the one last year and all the variety of bands.

Today I didn’t get to see the show from the very start, so I missed out on seeing Jim Ward on the Orange Stage; but I did make it in time to see Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears. I was interested in seeing them because the video that was linked for them off of the Fun Fun Fun Fest website was catchy, bluesy and confirmed that I’d probably enjoy them live; which I did. I loved the fact they ended their set with a cover of the song ‘Surfin’ Bird.’

Next, I made my way to the Black (Metal!) Stage to check out Russian Circles and Murder City Devils. On a side note, I love metal and punk bands because they have the most creative names. Russian Circles I really enjoyed; they have a definite prog rock influence and like, Eagle Claw from last year, no singer, which adds to the progness of their music in my opinion. The only instrument they were lacking was a theremin.

Right after Russian Circles was Murder City Devils and I didn’t know what to expect. I loved the name and figured if their music could come close to the name I’d be happy. Their live show was energetic and the music was really, really catchy. I’m definitely going to see about finding some of their albums on Amazon.

Now, I had a choice after them. Who should I see now? Danzig, Public Enemy, or Passion Pit? I decided on watching Danzig; which was a mistake. They ran extremely late, removed songs from their setlist (which was probably a good thing), and did a terrible job in setting up their sound systems. I listened for a few songs and realized: Danzig is washed up. I equate this set with bad karaoke. You know what the song is supposed to sound like and you can’t take it because it is just soo bad. I wandered past Public Enemy (which sounded amazing and apparently did a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit) and stopped at Passion Pit. Now, Passion Pit sounded great and even though it was getting freaking cold; they were well worth watching.

I can’t wait for day two to see what Fun Fun Fun Fest has in store for everyone.

Uncharted 3

Earlier this week, Uncharted 3 came in the mail for me (go Amazon!) and I just got around to playing it last night. At first I thought I’d play it for an hour or two and then shut it off and pick back up on it later. That was a mistake.. I started playing it around 8pm and didn’t go to sleep until 5am. I spent all night playing the game. I then got back up around 9am and beat the game about 1pm today. Yes, I played the game that long and actually beat it.

For me, this is amazing. The game actually held my attention long enough that I wanted to beat the game and see it through to the end. There haven’t been much games recently that I’ve actually wanted to beat. So, Uncharted 3 (and it’s two previous incarnations) have my seal of approval of games that are worth spending your money on.

On a side note, hopefully I’ll get around to playing the co-op and multiplayer features soon….

Bulletstorm and Shadows of the Damned

Its been a long time since I’ve actually gotten the time to sit down and really play some video games — life has a tendency to get in the way of just decompressing and acting like a kid sometimes!  However, since a friend from out of town came in for this week, we decided to each purchase a game and play it.  He purchased Shadows of the Damned and I picked up Bulletstorm.

Shadows of the Damned is in his words “Resident Evil with toilet humor.”  So, you can take that whichever way you like.  Assuming you like Resident Evil and toilet humor you’ll have a match made in heaven, if you don’t then, well, you know the rest.

Now, Bulletstorm in my opinion is an over-the-top shooter that doesn’t really make a lot of sense, but doesn’t even really try.  It’s like the movie The Expendables.  It’s so full of testosterone and explosions you’re just along for the ride to have a good time.  I think this game is the winner of the two however, since we’ve basically sat down and just kept playing Bulletstorm as opposed to playing it for an hour and then going, meh, back to Shadows of the Damned, or even worse, going back to a game that I haven’t played in a year like Uncharted 2 (which is really good btw).

A new Polvo album! Woohoo!

I was doing my typical cruising the Intertubes looking for new music and any word on the bands I like for new music and found out Polvo has a new album coming out soon.  You can hear a song from their upcoming album here on Soundcloud.  It definitely sounds like Polvo but at the same time, it doesn’t have as much guitar as I was expecting — not to say I dislike it.  It is good stuff, it is definitely Polvo pushing the boundaries of what they do.  Which is awesome.  I look forward to getting the new album when it shows up.