Memories stored in your DNA

The game Assassin’s Creed would have you believe that you hold the memories of your ancestors in your DNA.  At first, it seems ridiculous and a good way for the creators of the game to let you run around and assassinate people in The Dark Ages.  However, I stumbled upon this article that says the idea of your DNA storing memories isn’t so far fetched.

Many genes are already coated with methyl groups. When a cell divides, this “cellular memory” is passed on and tells the new cell what type it is – a kidney cell, for example. Miller and Sweatt argue that in neurons, methyl groups also help to control the exact pattern of protein expression needed to maintain the synapses that make up memories.

So given this, there is potential that your memories could be enscribed in your DNA and passed down to your progeny.  Now we can start wondering if people experincing ‘past lives’ are actually recalling their ancestors memories (even if it is impossible it is fun to imagine).  Oh, the craziness.