Mac OS X 10.6 and all the wonderful peripherals

After receiving my new desktop machine, I’ve been working on getting all of my peripherals working on the new machine.  Of course, with it being a Mac, you should just be able to plug all the stuff in and rock and roll, right?  Well, the answer is “Wrong” when you’re using an HP Deskjet 995c with Mac OS X 10.6 because HP no longer supports any piece of hardware over 5 years old and politely tells you to buy a new printer.

The largest issue with looking for a new printer is the fact all printers are now apparently these all-in-one monstrosities that do everything except the dishes in the dishwasher.  Whatever happened to a nice quality printer with bluetooth or wireless capabilities?  Am I asking too much of the printer companies to make a quality inkjet or laser printer with bluetooth or wireless and none of the other frivolities they normally throw on the printers now?

Along with what appears to be my search for a new wireless printer, I have an Iomega network storage device that likes to be seen on the network, but not actually usable.  Of course, this just isn’t a Mac issue, it isn’t working with the PCs as well.  Just another thing to troubleshoot.  At least all the other devices work just fine with the iMac so I can’t complain too much.

Pidgin receiving an Unexpected Response from AIM servers

Today when I fired up Pidgin I received a rather disturbing message:

Received unexpected response from

Now, what exactly does this mean?  I didn’t know, but I figured Google would have a pretty good idea.  And lo-and-behold, it did, right away I found the answer to fix the problem.

In the Account Modification section of Pidgin, modify the AIM account by unchecking ‘Use clientLogon’ in the advanced tab, and if that doesn’t work also uncheck ‘Use SSL.’

Simple right?  Gotta love Google search.

News from the web.

Earlier this morning I noticed that Google Reader had the ability to make a widget that would show the news items that you have decided to share show up on any site that supported javascript.  So, being the adventurous person that I am, I inserted it into the sidebar of  Now you can read not only my amazing posts with my amazing wit and sarcasm you can also see the news articles I find interesting enough to share wih other people.

iGoogle’s New Look = teh sux

I don’t know why Google thought their uglification of the iGoogle page would make it better. So much for the minimalist design with the tabs at the top and a nice big page to view everything. Now I’ve got this tab stuff down the side with a list of all the widgets on that page. Thanks, but I know what I put on the page. I don’t need it listed down the side and I sure don’t want the tabs on the left. I liked them on the top. I liked it the way it was, I don’t care that you uglify it.. just give me the option to not live with your idea of progress and enhancement.


There are those occasions that I feel at home on the UNIX command line. Granted, it isn’t all that often, but you know, it happens.  Goosh is the answer to ‘What if Google was a UNIX command-line type app?’  It is neat, and reminds me of Lynx to a certain extent, but I doubt I’ll do all my searching from Goosh even if it does do away with all those annoying sidebar ads.