Insanity Week 8 Review

Well, after missing the last two routines last week I look forward to doing all of them this week.  I’m feeling really good about this — only two more weeks.  I still feel that my fit test is going to be a little messy and not near where it should be, but oh well, I’ll deal with it.  I’m feeling really good though, the amount of fat that has been knocked off is pretty crazy and I’m looking forward to begin adding some muscles to my body.  Maybe I’ll be nice and throw up an after picture for Insanity when I’ve completed it all.

Monday: Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit

Another day I missed, thanks to my desktop deciding it’d be the perfect day to die.  It seems like fate doesn’t want me to finish right now.  Do I tempt it and workout in front of the TV and risk smacking my head on the fan while jumping up and down tomorrow?  At least I got a nice bike ride in tonight.

Tuesday: Max Interval Plyo

Well, I modified this one some so I wouldn’t jump up into the fan in my TV room, so the calories burned and such might not be as high as normal when I have full range of motion / movement.  These are getting a little easier because I’ve seen them before, but they are still hard.  But, it is all about eyes on the prize and being done and in very good shape.  Anyway, calories burned according to the trusty heart rate monitor: 1124.  Max heart rate: 183 bpm, average heart rate: 156bpm.  I also did a bike ride as well — Einstein won’t let me forget those — and it was a nice few mile bike ride.  I should have worn the heart rate monitor for that just to see what sort of calories I burn on the bike ride, maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday: Max Cardio Conditioning and Insane Abs

It seems like everything is happening all at once and I don’t know why.  Why can’t life just understand that it needs to make things happen more serially than parallel?  Either way, not that big of a deal, I still managed to get the workout in along with a bike ride (where I still forgot to wear the heart rate monitor on the ride).  The Max Cardio and Conditioning and Insane Abs workout seriously burned up my muscles and according to the heart rate monitor (which I wore for this, but not the bike ride…) says: 1476 calories burned, 162bpm average heart rate, 189bpm maximum heart rate.  The Insane Abs was just that.. and to think they have an Insane Sports Abs or something like that (don’t have the disks near me so I can’t remember the name) which I’m thinking has got to be harder.

Thursday: Max Recovery

Not much to say here, it still burns, and I still don’t see why they call it recovery.  Since recovery to me implies sleep or resting instead of sweating bucketloads.  Ah well, such is life.  The survey says: 975 calories burned, a maximum heart rate of 181bpm and an average heart rate of 159bpm.  Max Recovery hurts a lot in some of the moves and it makes me feel really damn weak near the end when it hurts to even do some of the simple exercises that at the beginning I could easily do.  And now for a bonus, I busted out the skinfold calipers to see what my body fat percentage was and I have 11.23% body fat, placing me into the “athlete” category, which is nice, but I want to be better than that.

Friday: Max Interval Circuit

Well, I missed it on Monday, but I did it today.  I burned 1322 calories, had an average heart rate of 162bpm and a maximum of 183bpm.  I really prefer the circuit stuff to the work out straight through for an hour since the resting for 30 seconds is really freaking nice.

Saturday: Max Interval Sports Training

Ahhh, the first of the Sports * disks that came with the Insanity! Super-deluxe edition.  What horror has been brought on this disk for us to work out to?  It brought a lot, I don’t even think I need to tell you, I had a hard time keeping up with it.  As with all the other routines, I’m sure it’ll get easier in time.. but initially, its a shock.  Calories burned 1097, average heart rate 158bpm, maximum heart rate 191bpm.  I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day; working on my car outside in addition to doing this, makes for a long hot day.

General Week Eight Thoughts

The Sports Training is rough, but I bought the super-duper-all-the-dvds edition of INSANITY! and figured, might as well try them all out, cause hey, why not?  This is probably not the right way to go about it, but ah, well.  I did it anyway.  Only one more week and I’m done!  Now for the random bulleted thoughts:

  • heart rate monitor = yes, please
  • CGMS = great to have, but give yourself a rest on it every-so-often, your sides will thank you
  • Gatorade = better than water if you’re diabetic.  You’ll easily work off the extra sugar it introduces into your system
  • I think Insanity is great, but I think it needs to be mixed in with something else besides cardio to really keep you from getting bored.  Which leads to the idea of muscle confusion, which leads to P90X, which leads me to an article I read stating muscles don’t start getting used to an exercise routine until 12 weeks.  So, really, P90X isn’t about muscle confusion as much as it is about keeping you from getting bored out of your mind by mixing it up every month.
  • I’ve actually gained weight while doing Insanity, but I’ve lost a heck of a lot of fat on my body.
  • If you have an iPhone with the GPS, RunKeeper Free is a nifty app that uses the GPS to track your runs/walks/bike rides and then gives an estimate on calories burned.

Insanity Week 7 Review

Only three more weeks.  It is beginning to feel like the homestretch of this entire crazy thing.

Monday: Max Cardio Conditioning

Thanks to a wonderful thunderstorm, we had no power for most of the day and night.  So, no chance to even do the workout.  I hate to have to punt on a thing like this, but not much that I can do.  Stuck dealing with the whims of the power company.  Then there was the whole messing with the dead OmniPod PDM.  Some days, I just love technology.

Tuesday: Max Interval Circuit

Another day, another workout.  I can see why P90x switches it up each month.  Variety is the spice of life.  Anyway, 1229 calories burned.  Average heart rate of 160bpm and a maximum of 181bpm.  I still like Insanity, I’d just like a little more variety in the workouts.  I think once this is over and I knock out P90x, I’ll definitely like mixing it up with some of the P90x routines.

Wednesday: Max Interval Plyo

Wasn’t as bad as the first time I did it, however, I forgot to throw on the heart rate monitor.  Chances are it’ll be close to last week’s numbers (I blame it on all the other stuff happening this week).  I did this after a wonderful Wine Wednesday at Spec’s.  Nothing like a Wine Tasting followed up by a workout. 🙂

Thursday: Max Recovery

Yeah, call this Max Yoga.  This has got to be the hardest workouts I’ve done in Insanity; and I’m barely moving for most of it.  I burned 731 calories with an average heart rate of 127bpm and a maximum of 179bpm.  At least tomorrow will be a moving around day with Insane Abs (whatever Insane Abs) consists of.

Friday: Max Cardio Conditioning and Insane Abs

Relatives came in today so I didn’t get a chance to do the workout like I had hoped.

Saturday: Max Interval Sports Training

As with Friday, relatives were here.  I don’t think I’ll attempt anything on Sunday since I’ve devoted Sunday to being a physical rest day regardless of anything else.

General Week Seven Thoughts

I have to say that the second month is definitely a lot harder than the first month.  I don’t think its a bad thing, since I’m getting used to it.  However, I putting more time into eating better so that should also help me trim up some more.  I’m not going to go the Drew Carey no carbs diet since that is just crazy.

  • If you’re a type 1 diabetic and don’t have a CGMS, it is worth considering (especially if insurance will pay for it), you can easily see what your blood sugar readings are at a glance and don’t have to worry about pricking yourself.  I have a Dexcom Seven+ and really like it.
  • Heart rate monitor, heart rate monitor, heart rate monitor
  • I’m biking as well as doing the Insanity workouts.  I think any extra exercise is a good thing.
  • The first month of the Insanity workout really knocks the easy fat off of you.  The second month really aims to knock off that remaining stubborn stuff, but you’ll really want to look into eating more healthy at this phase.  I still don’t buy eating about 1600 calories a day while doing this exercise routine, I’m easily burning 700 to 1200 calories in a single workout.

Insanity Week 6 Review

Here we are the start of the second month of Insanity and where it supposedly gets really, really hard.

Monday: Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit

Here is my review of Max Interval Circuit before I realized why I was feeling so crappy on the July 4th weekend:

Umm, wow.  Max Interval Circuit definitely upped the hardness of the workouts.  I burned 1033 calories with an average heart rate of 163bpm and a maximum heart rate of 184bpm.  I had to take breaks at the end of a few of the circuits cause I was completely burned out.  However, a short break and I was able to push through it again.  I’m sure I’ll start feeling better about these workouts the more I do them.  So for the first time doing these, I think my results are fairly good.  Oh, and the warm up routines in this are what some of the circuits were in the first month.. so yeah, its hard.

The July 4th weekend I’d been feeling completely run down and I was amazed I was able to knock out the workout on Monday.  Today I had so much stuff going on that when I was done with all of it, I didn’t even have enough energy to do the workout.  This is the same sort of feeling I got when I was coming off the honeymoon phase of being diabetic the first time and it appears to be happening again.  So I’m going to watch my blood sugars very closely the rest of this week and see if it is the case and I’ll have to start wearing the OmniPod and being a full-blown diabetic again.  If it is the case, I have to say it was a nice run with another honeymoon phase.

And here it is now:

As I said before, it is hard, I burned 1111 calories with an average heart rate of 164bpm and a maximum heart rate of  186bpm.  I didn’t feel as powerful and into it as I was on that Monday, but I think it is due to the two weeks off recovering and getting everything inline.  I’m sure as I get back into the swing of things it’ll become easier even if the workouts still kick my butt.

I’m skipping the Fit Test this week since I don’t think it’ll do me any good since I’ve had the two week layoff.

Tuesday: Max Interval Plyo

This one is tough just like Max Interval Circuit.  He loves push-ups of all types, I counted about 4 different types of push-ups and all of them hurt!  I survived though, so it obviously wasn’t too bad.  I forgot to start up my heart rate monitor until 2/3s of the way into the warm up, so I can only assume I burned about 300 or so (which is what I normally burn in the first 2/3s of the warm up — which brings my calorie burned count to ~1100 calories, with an average heart rate of 154bpm and a maximum heart rate of 184bpm.  I’m sure I’ll think of something more to say about the workout, but right now, I’m pretty dang tired.. until tomorrow.

Wednesday: Max Cardio Conditioning

Max Cario Conditioning is insane, they don’t have any breaks and there are no sets once you’re past the warm-up and stretches.  I was doing really well until about 15 minutes left when it felt like all the energy had drained out of my body.  There is no way this should have happened so I pulled out the trusty blood glucose tester and found out my blood sugar reading was 67 mg/dL (it should be ~100 mg/dL).  Needless to say, I had to stop and find some sugary goodness right away.  A few handfuls of M&Ms later and I was feeling a bit perkier but it wasn’t enough to let me finish the workout.  I got about 3 minutes until the cool down stretching and had to call it quits.  I still managed to burn 660 calories with an average heart rate of 145bpm and a maximum heart rate of  178bpm.  I’m going to have to play with my insulin pump and probably shut it off completely when I’m doing any sort of strenuous workout to hopefully prevent something this severe from happening again.  Also, more carbs the better, since I’m obviously blowing through them with these workouts.

Thursday: Max Recovery

They should just call this one Max Yoga.  I burned 725 calories with an average heart rate of 126bpm and a maximum heart rate of 180bpm.  Overall this was one of the harder workouts since all the poses had to be held for a long time and it really started to burn the more the position was held.  What bothers me the most about this workout was at the end Shaun T said “This was Cardio Recovery” and I’m damn sure I pressed “Max Recovery” on the title menu… have I been doing the recoveries in the wrong order?

Friday: Max Interval Circuit

This was a late night routine, I didn’t get the chance to do this one until close to 9pm.. which is when I prefer to start winding down for the night and reading (yes, my Friday night was lame this week).  I did get in a good 3+ mile bike ride with my dog, Einstein, before my workout, so I was coming in pre-warmed up.  However, I always do the workouts straight through and this time was no different.  I manager 1215 calories burned with an average heart rate of 158bpm and a maximum heart rate of 182bpm.  I’m getting the hang of the workouts again, but at the same time, I’m glad I’m on the last month because the workouts are getting really repetitive.

Saturday: Max Interval Plyo

Unlike yesterday with its late workout, this one was nice and early.  I burned 1126 calories with an average heart rate of 152bpm and a maximum of 181bpm.  It wasn’t as bad the second time around.  I think the more I’m familiar with it, the easier it will be to get more out of the routines.  Afterward, I worked (with some help) on my 911 creating a front splitter and installing the headers and exhaust system.

General Week Six Thoughts

I don’t have much to say other than if you’re a type I diabetic, keep track of your blood sugars through out the workouts.  When your blood sugar goes low, you’ll know it and it takes a while to recover from the low blood sugar (longer than the workout in my case).

  • Get a heart rate monitor
  • If you’re diabetic have your blood glucose tester close by
    • Drink Gatorade and not water.. the sugar helps
  • I can see why this is a 60 day thing and not 90, it starts to get really repetitive.. but it does work.  When I start up on P90x I might substitute in some of the Insanity plyo and cardio workouts instead of the P90x ones… but I’ll give P90x’s a shot before I switch it up.

Back to the Insanity!

As you may have noticed I haven’t updated about the Insanity workout for the past few weeks.  It wasn’t because I gave up on it.  It is for some other reasons that I had to take a break.  First, I came off of my second type I diabetic honeymoon (meaning the insulin production of my islet cells has reduced to the point where I need the insulin pump again) and secondly, I pulled a calf muscle while doing one of the exercises in the rest week workout.

I’ve managed to get my blood glucose levels back under tight control for breakfast to bedtime, however I need to work on the night time routine now.  The night time routine shouldn’t be that hard however, I’ll just need to wake up around 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, and 5am across the week (like one blood glucose test a night.. not all in one night) and figure out the pattern and adjust my insulin pump to prevent having a morning blood glucose high.

Two weeks of rest did a good job healing my calf muscle, however, it does lead me to question why Insanity lacks any sort of calf muscle stretch in their stretching routine.  I guess I’ll have to give a quick calf stretch near the end of the stretching so I won’t be having those problems anymore.

I look forward to finishing off Insanity across the next four weeks and then start up on P90X.  Then I’ll start attacking a P90X / Insanity hybrid where I’ll insert Insanity’s plyometrics and cardio workout routines in place of P90X’s versions.

As a side note, I did attempt the first workout routine of Insanity’s second month and that is when I realized I was off the type 1 honeymoon…  I did manage to burn over 1000 calories and maintain a high heart rate throughout the workout.  It is definitely a whole different level of intensity compared to the first month — and I love it.

Insanity Week 5 Review

Ahhh, the rest week, it means I’ve made it to the halfway point of the program.  We’ll see how much rest the Core Cardio and Balance  work out routine really gives you.

Monday: Core Cardio and Balance

So, the first time I’m doing Core Cardio and Balance and it still kicked my butt near the end.  The warm up, stretching and first few exercises I was keeping up with the people on the DVD, but when it got near the second half of the exercises I was burning.  The three hip felxor exercises seriously make you burn in addition to the exercises while done in the Plie position.  It was a 37 or so minute workout and I managed to burn 609 calories with an average heart rate of 158bpm and a maximum of 189bpm.  I can probably get more calories burned out of the workout once I have all the exercises figured out so I imagine by the end of this week I can be close to burning 700 calories in the workout — but this is a recovery week.. so we’ll see what happens. 🙂

Tuesday: Core Cardio and Balance

Same workout as Monday, burned 624 calories, average heart rate of 159bpm and a maximum of 184 bpm.  Trying to push myself to burn 700 calories in the exercise set, got an addition 15 today so if I can get an additional 15 calories burned for each exercise after this, I might be able to hit 700 by the end of this week.  I won’t be able to bike with the puppy the rest of this week more than likely thanks to the rain.  So that’ll kill some of the extra calories I’m normally able to get thanks to his exercise needs.

Wednesday: Core Cardio and Balance

Today I ended up not having enough time to do the workout.  I chose hanging out with friends at Spec’s Wine Wednesday Wine Tastings over working out.  I feel so ashamed… I’ll make it up tomorrow; but not tomorrow morning, waking up that early to work out just isn’t going to work for me.

Thursday: Core Cardio and Balance

Ok, so I’ve done at least one routine of Core Cardio and Balance today.  I burned 653 calories with an average heart rate of 164bpm and a maximum of 194bpm (achieved during the warm up).  So the question is, do I do another round later tonight to make up for the fact that I missed yesterday’s work out?  I’ll have to decide on that.  I got better with the shoulder exercise at the end, but it still burned my muscles like I couldn’t believe.  I think if he did these first he’d lose a lot of people in the first 15 minutes.

Friday: Core Cardio and Balance

I decided against doing another round of Core Cardio and Balance last night.

News Flash: the last few exercises still burn like my shoulders and cause me to wake up a little sore.. but that is a good thing.  I managed to burn 664 calories in 37 minutes with an average heart rate of 163bpm and a maximum heart rate of 193bpm.  Not much more I can say about this workout.  I don’t see why they call it a recovery week anyway… maybe I’m just missing the point, but I’d sort of like to jump directly into the second month.

Saturday: Core Cardio and Balance

Well, I didn’t get to 700 calories burned in a single 37 minute workout, but I came close 670 calories burned.  I had an average heart rate of 165bpm and a maximum heart rate of 189bpm.  I still don’t see why this is a recovery week routine, I really like this routine and could see using it again as not a recovery week thing.  Monday starts up the second month of Insanity where it supposedly goes completely crazy and scary hard so we’ll see what it actually does.  Otherwise, I’m digging Insanity and debating on trying out P90X’s Stretch X routine on Sunday (the day off) to just give myself a taste of P90X.

General Week Five Thoughts

So far in the first month I haven’t lost weight but I’ve added muscle and reduced the amount of fat in my body.  Looking in the mirror I can tell that my body is changing for the better even if there is a little stubborn fat still around.  I haven’t followed their eating plan exactly and I’m sure by following it exactly I’d see fat disappear more quickly, but I’m sure the second month will do a good job of removing the remaining fat regardless of the eating routine.  If you don’t pig out and just eat sensibly you’ll do fine in my opinion.  Their eating plan is very close to what any dietitian will tell you is a healthy diet.  As I’ve said before, all their plans are basically a diabetic meal plan.  So if you’re feeling they don’t give you enough variety, just go to Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Borders or Half-Priced Books and pick out one of the many diabetic themed cookbooks they have.

  • At the end of the second month I’ll post up a mega-review of what I thought of each of the routines and try to go into more detail about everything that comes with Insanity!
  • I got P90X so I’ll start up on P90X after I finish all of the 60 days of Insanity.  I think I might be doing some work out replacements if I don’t find P90X’s cardio or plyometric routines up to the intensity of Insanity.  I kinda like the hardcore cardio and plyometrics.
  • I’m down to ~11% body fat according to a trusty skinfold caliper and this body fat calculator.
  • Heart Rate Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor.  They’re well worth getting in my opinion, they’ll let you know when you’ve reached your max and when you should take a second or two break.. or when you’re not pushing hard enough.
  • I’ve had to adjust the strap on my heart rate monitor smaller and smaller these past few weeks… so that is one way I know I’m loosing the fat. 🙂

Insanity Week 4 Review

Ahh, the fourth week of Insanity!  At the end of this day I’ll have made it through 28 days — basically half of it and next week is the “rest week” before going into the truly insane workouts… or that is what I hear.

Monday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Well, today was the Plyometric Cardio Circuit I was going to do on Saturday but didn’t happen.  I should have worn my heart rate monitor to see what sort of calories I burned.. oh well; maybe next time I’m at the track I’ll do that.  Now, onto the workout.  I burned 811 calories, had an average heart rate of 161bpm and a maximum of 191bpm.  Not too shabby I think. Combine that with all the moving I had to do before the workout and the walking of the dog I probably had a decent workout today.  Tomorrow I’ll do Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.  I’m going to double up on Thursday since the Cardio Recovery should feel really good after another Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout.

Tuesday: Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

Ahh, Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.. the killer routines.  These two workouts took about an hour to complete today and I burned a good 925 calories with an average heart rate of 155bpm and a max heart rate of 184bpm.  I did them less than an hour after dinner and only a few minutes after giving the puppy dog his exercise for the day.  If it had been about an hour after giving the puppy his exercise I think I would have been able to push through it harder since I normally do my exercise then walk the puppy.  However, it wasn’t that way today.  Tomorrow is Cardio Power and Resistance which I think I should be able to feel good about knocking out before giving the puppy his exercise.

Wednesday: Cardio Power and Resistance

I don’t think I pushed myself as hard as I could have today.  I was a little sore from all of the exercise yesterday, but as they say, no pain no gain.  I pushed through it all and burned 620 calories with an average heart rate of 154bpm and a maximum of 179bpm.  I suppose I’m also becoming a bit more conscious about my heart rate than I was earlier.  I don’t want to hurt myself in some terrible way by having my heart beating above its maximum heart rate for any extended amount of time.  I still feel I got a heck of a workout but I would have been happier if I could have burned up 700 or so calories instead of the 620 I burned during the workout — that is what tomorrow is for: Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Cardio Recovery.  I’m feeling I should burn a little over 1000 calories tomorrow.  As to which one I do first, I don’t know… it depends on if I get up early enough to squeeze a workout in before work or not.

Thursday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Cardio Recovery (ended up skipping CR)

I decided today would be the best day to double up on the exercises because the Cardio Recovery routine is pretty mellow compared to everything else I’ve been doing so far.  I started the Plyometric Cardio Circuit and got a call just after the warm up stretching to go eat with some friends, so I decided I’d take their offer and go eat with them; but, for those that are interested, the first 1/3 of the workout, I had 302 calories burned, an average heart rate of 151bpm and 182bpm max heart rate (and this was just for the warm up and stretching).  After I got back from eating and giving the puppy a walk I gave myself a quick warm up and stretching and hopped back into the work out where I had left off.  For the remainder of the work out I burned 448 calories and had an average heart rate of 166bpm and a max heart rate of 193 bpm.  So one work out and a total calorie burn of 750 calories I don’t think is bad at all.  Now to have a little rest and then attack the Cardio Recovery workout later tonight (I think this is a great way to burn off  the tasty food and beer from Nuernberg Brauhaus).

Well, I ended up taking my own advice from last week and didn’t do the Cardio Recovery exercise routine at all.  I feel sort of bad not doing it, but at the same time, if I didn’t feel I was getting anything from it, it was probably ok to skip it this time.  I did like it because it was a little lower impact than everything else; so I’ll do my best not to skip it next time it shows up.  In the second month it might be much more important since the intensity is supposed to be much, much higher for the other five days of working out.

Friday: Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

So I did a straight through run of Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs and it was rough!  I burned 921 calories with an average heart rate of 155bpm and a maximum heart rate of 187bpm.  The last C-sit exercise was kicking my butt today.  I could barely do three of them.  Don’t have much else to say except gotta walk the dog as well.. I’ll see how many calories that burns since I’ve still got the trusty heart rate monitor on.  And I’ve found out walking the dog for 23 minutes right after the work out while my heart rate is still elevated nets me 282 calories burned with an average heart rate of 130bpm and a maximum heart rate of 148bpm.  Making my daily total of calories burned through work out and walking 1203 calories.  Now should I make up for missing Cardio Recovery later on tonight?

Saturday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Well, after a rather adventurous morning and early afternoon excursions I got time to do the workout.  I managed to burn 708 calories with an average heart rate of 158bpm and a maximum of 185bpm.  I’m finding it a lot hard to hit my max heart rate of 189bpm so I think I’m getting in a bit better shape than I’ve been in in a long time.  I’m looking forward to the rest week and doing the Core Cardio and Balance routine.  I’m almost tempted to add the Cardio Abs workout to what I do today, but that probably isn’t a good idea to hit the same muscle group that hard two days in a row… maybe Sunday.

General Week Four Thoughts

Now, my general thoughts for the week that don’t really fall into any of the daily logs.

  • I know this is getting old, but, damn.. you’ll sweat a lot (not alot)
  • Cardio Abs doesn’t get much easier but being familiar with the exercises helps a lot
  • I think doubling up on the Cardio Recovery is the day to double up if you have to.. or you can just extend it another day.  But I’m sticking to the schedule I made up initially, dang it!
  • Heart Rate Monitor is a must!
  • I’m glad next week is the rest week.  It is definitely feeling like time for a break / rest from the intensity.