College sports investigations, sanctions, and other fun things we all know happen but don’t talk about since this is all amateur athletics and they don’t get paid for their performances

Looking at the college athletics landscape you can see multiple colleges in trouble with the NCAA and facing sanctions and investigations: USC’s basketball and football teams, University of Memphis’ basketball team, University of Tennessee’s football, and the list goes on.  The problem is, these sanctions never really solve the problem.  In many cases the breaking of the rules leads back to the head coach.  So why punish the school?  The coach can leave before the sanctions and fines hit and go away scot-free to the next school (for example, John Calipari and Lane Kiffin come to mind).

So an idea I discussed with my brother and father is to have some of the sanctions follow the coach (where appropriate).  The coach can either continue coaching at the same level through the sanction or sit out from coaching until the sanctions have run their course.  What do you, dear reader think?  Is this idea good, bad, or just plain stupid?  If so, what could be changed?