Can’t have fun without something going wrong, right?

The Level 3 class at The Driveway today was a blast, I enjoyed getting to go on their Grand Prix style track with two of the most amazing corners in Motorsports recreated on the track.  Turns 6 and 7 from Road Atlanta and the Corkscrew (turns 7 – 8a) from Laguna Seca.  The thrill of coming into the Atlanta corner at speeds close to or over 100 and then slamming on the brakes to bring yourself back down to 50 or 60 MPH is too much fun for words.  The problem came however, was after the morning session was complete, when a re-tech of all the cars was done, my front passenger side tire was worn down to the cords.  My options were to not complete the class or use another car for the last half of the day.  I, of course, chose to use another car for the second half of the day.  So, I hopped into a Spec Miata and had a blast driving that car for the next four hours.  At the end of the day, I sat down with the instructors and made a list of everything I need to get to make my 911 completely ready to run The Driveway’s Grand Prix course all the time.  The list included getting a fire extinguisher, a master power cut-off switch and new tires for the 911 (along with some maintenance items like a corner balance and alignment and new tires).  For myself, I need to get a fire suit, Nomex undergarments, a closed face helmet, a HANS device, new shoes, gloves and other various bits of safety equipment (which I completely agree with.. better spend some money and be safe, than not spend it and be burned).

Poorly named products

Lately, I’ve been buying tools and received a Sears Craftsman Tool catalog and was flipping through it.  As I was looking at it, I stumbled upon either the most aptly named products or poorly named products (depending on how you feel) ever.  It was a set of tools and toolboxes made for humans of the female persuasion called Pink Box Tools.  Now some of you might wonder why this is such a bad product name, all you need to do is read this definition of box and see why I think someone didn’t do enough research.  In fact the only research they did was probably look at a cartoon like this (thanks Allison!):


Just when you think you’ve gotten it…

something always seems to come up.  Which is exactly what happened to me.  I finally thought I’d get the Elephant Racing 935 chassis brace installed in my car today; however, due to my stupidity earlier, it didn’t happen.  I was all happy installing the front plates that hold the brace in the trunk when I had the front valence off installing a new horn and the a/c condenser crash bar.  It ends up, that I mounted them one bolt further back than they were supposed to be.  So yeah, I gotta jack the car back up and redo the install of the plates along with reinstalling two of the bolts.  At that point, I said, forget it.  This is too much work for one day.  Then compounding this all is the fact that one of the nuts that was tack welded onto the car decided it didn’t want to be welded anymore and broke off.  So, being the pragmatist that I am, I noticed it still looked okay and then just put it back on since all does is hold things together.. besides it is one of 3 bolts… when another goes, it’ll be time to fix it for good.

Oh well, at least I have another car that I can drive.  Although it’s window motor decided to give up the ghost today… when it rains it pours.