Exercising – Part III

Who would have thought I’d be extending the last two points to talk about exercising again?  Not me.  But, I’ve decide to write a little more about what I’m doing for exercise.  As I discussed in the last post, I’ve decided to move forward with my P90X / INSANITY! hybrid workout.  M-W-F I’m doing the P90X weight lifting routines and then T-Th-Sat I’m doing the INSANITY routines.  So far I’ve been doing Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Power, and Pure Cardio.  I still haven’t decided on what sort of abs exercises to do since I’m not a big fan of either P90X’s or INSANITY’s abs workouts.  I actually like the abs workout that Ask Men has listed on their website here.  This week I’ll start adding these 10 exercises to my M-W-F routines and see how these do in bringing more definition to my abdominal area.

Of course, most of this workout is pretty much for naught if I wasn’t changing my diet to.  I’ve been shifting to more vegetarian meals for breakfast and lunch then having my favorite protein for dinner.  Which, although this isn’t how you should eat, it’s how I do it since I’m mainly doing my workout at night or when I get home for work so after working out I get an automatic diet control on my dinner since exercising reduces your want of food.

As it stands, I’ve just finished my second week in my new workout routine, by slowly adding to it I’m not overloading myself with anything and learning what my body does and doesn’t like and how to adjust my insulin appropriately for the workouts.  When all is said and done I hope I will have created a workout routine that I can continue for a very long time and keep myself healthy, fit and happy.  Which in the end is all we can ask for in this life: to be healthy.

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