I’ve been Nestified: The Update

TL;DR version: A little pricy but I like the Nest Thermostat and Nest Protects.

In June, I installed the Nest Learning Thermostat in my house and over the Thanksgiving holiday I installed a few Nest Protects as well.  The integration of the Protects with the Thermostats and the application was really good although the install of one of the Nest Protects didn’t go quite like their install made it out to be. I could go on more about all of it but if you’ve read the reviews online, there isn’t more that I can say that hasn’t already been said.  They just work and work well.

I’ve been Nestified

Yesterday I made a big jump, I replaced the old hard-to-program programmable thermostats in my house with fancy new Nest Learning Thermostats.  They’re a snap to install and, currently, many energy companies are giving significant rebates when you buy one.  However, the real reason I got them was cause they’re freaking cool devices with lots of neat ways to interact with them.  Being able to control or check in on the temperature on your house from the phone is really very cool and the fact the Nest uses weather reports to help control the temperature in the house is even neater still. Once it’s been a few weeks I’ll write a little more in depth review about the Nest and if it is actually saving me any money on electricity bills. Until then, I’m saying it’s worth buying just for the tech alone. 🙂

…and back to your regularly scheduled website

Sorry about that down time, apparently, a little billing mishap occurred and my site went down for a few days.  It’s amazing what happens when emails aren’t sent to your correct addresses.

And since I’m talking like I’m in a commercial, I’ll give you a preview of what to expect on Lane Holloway dot com in the coming months.  First, more content about programming process and design.  Second, more content about programming in Java and Scala and, if I get the time, Clojure.  Thirdly, I’ll talk about some of the newer things out there like “Big Data” (gotta have the air quotes).  Fourth, since I’m taking a class about SAT solvers, I might work up some articles on SAT solvers and some of the issues surrounding them.  It’ll help me understand them more and perhaps, give you, a chance to get your feet wet with them.  Lastly, I don’t know, I’m sure I’ll find something interesting to write about.

Anyway, coming up next will be some articles about programming.  I’ve got a few in the pipeline for y’all. 🙂

The playset is down

So, my younger brother got tired of me blogging about how I haven’t taken down the child’s playset that was left in my back yard by the previous owners of my house so he and his friend came over and helped me take it all down today.  I paid them back in beer and pizza, now I’m left with getting it ready for bulk pickup and removal and probably a trip to the dump to dump the big-ass metal poles used to hold it all together.

It came apart surprisingly quick with three people working on it.  I’d say we spent about 30 minutes on it total.  I can mark another item off my to-do list and push another one on it :).

2012 Goals

Yeah, so it might be a little late to write about my goals for 2012 but what the heck?  I’ll write about them anyway, not so much for anyone else but for myself to make sure I stay honest about them.  As I wrote in my last post about New Year’s Resolutions/Goals, I felt overall I did a really good job hitting the majority of my goals for the previous year, however, I still didn’t hit them all and others I completely missed / forgot about.  So, it’s time to re-evaluate and create a list of short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals.

Short-term goals are goals I feel that should be completed within three months.  These would be goals such as: start eating healthier, begin to jog twice a week, or something of that nature.  A goal to break a bad habit or get started doing something new.  These, can then morph into mid-term and long-term goals such as continue eating healthy, etc.  A mid-term goal is a goal that will take six months to a year to complete.  I envision these goals to take the form of: pay off X% of a loan, save $Y, take part in a marathon.  Each month though, I might be able to move a mid-term goal to a short-term goal.  Finally, a long-term goal is something that is going to be just that.  Something that I can’t finish within the year (or even years).  These will be things like: Pay off my house payment X years early, finish paying off my car in Y years, or continue on an exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle.  And much like the mid-term goals, these could be moved as they get closer to completion.

The main goals I’ll talk about here are non-finance related ones, since I’m sure other sites explain how to handle them better and besides they’re always the same: get out of debt, save more money, etc.  And without further ado, here are my goals…

  1. Participate in Tough Mudder / get in better shape (long-term)
  2. Continue learning to play the guitar (long-term)
  3. Propose my PhD topic (short-term)
  4. Learn another programming language and brush up on some old ones (short-term / mid-term)
  5. Finish painting the rooms in my house (mid-term)
  6. Remove the children’s playset from my backyard (long-term)
  7. Brew my own beer and make it good (short-term — get one made, long-term — do it often)

If you’ve kept up with my blog, you’ll see that I’ve already started on a few of these goals such as #1 and #7, but I figure a gut check at the end of this month will really help me decide where exactly I am in each of these goals.