2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

This Porsche replaced the M5 as my daily driver (you can read about the purchase here).  And yes, it really does deserve the Porsche badge despite what people might say.  And, I now have sold this car on January 21, 2011 to purchase my new daily driver: a 2011 VW Jetta SporsWagen TDI.

The specifications for the SUV are as follows:

  • 4.5L V8, twin turbocharged
  • 450 hp / 460 ft.-lbs. torque
  • 32,2xxx miles on vehicle
  • titanium gray exterior, black leather interior

Here are a few documents relating to the ’06MY Cayenne:

As with the M5 I’ll tally up all the expenses of the car so you, dear reader, can have an idea of what one person pays to keep the car running in tip-top condition.  I’ll of course, completely ignore gas costs and insurance since that will vary person-to-person and state-to-state.

Date Miles Description of problem / service Cost
January 21, 2011 59,4xx Sold car to CarMax, bought a 2011 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI $0.00
April 22, 2010 47,260 Replaced a cracked sunroof drain rail. $694.16
March 17, 2010 45,948 Faulty Brake Booster hose replaced under warranty. Spark plugs replaced, cornering light replaced, maintenance needed light turned off. $549.57
December 30, 2009 41,576 Coolant pipes and crankcase breather hoses replaced under warranty. $0.00
October 19, 2009 38,708 Replaced front brake pads and wear sensors (also bought new rotors in case they needed to be replaced) $390.00
April 27, 2009 33,319 Replaced cracked rear tail light assembly, rear brake job, replaced cornering light, replaced rear 12v outlet cover (warranty), replaced wiper blades $732.85
April 15, 2009 Ordered Dension Gateway 500 from Bumperplugs.com, you can read about the install here. $499.95
April 14, 2009 32,306 rear wiper cap fixed under warranty $0.00
April 13, 2009 32,2xxx Purchased car from Sterling Acura