Fillet Mignon Steak


  • Fillet Mignon Steak(s)
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • Course salt


I used the directions found here to grill the Fillet Mignon and found them to be great, so I’ll just give a quick overview on how to cook them to medium-rare.

  1. Remove steaks from packaging and let sit for 45 minutes, put black pepper on it before grilling
  2. Put grill on highest temperature setting and when you can’t hold you hand two inches above the grill, it is time to get the steaks
  3. Put the steak on the grill under the flame and do nothing for two minutes
  4. Rotate 90 degrees and wait about three minutes
  5. Flip the steak over and put back in the same spot for two minutes
  6. Rotate 90 degrees and wait three minutes
  7. Check the steak by gently pressing your finger into it.  Rare will leave an indentation, medium will give a little but return, if it is firm it is well done
  8. Remove it and let it sit for two or three minutes until serving (then put on coarse salt if you want)